Gold movie review

Gold Movie Review: The Feature Starring Prithviraj, Nayanthara, And Alphonse Puthren Could Have Been Much Shorter!

Written by Janani K: Alphonse Puthren is a name that instantly brings a smile to everyone’s face because of his two fantastic films, Neram and the classic Premam. After seven… Read more
manga owl

MangaOwl: Is It Safe & Legit? What Are The Alternatives?

We read comic books and watch cartoons nonstop throughout our early years. You always like watching your favourite cartoons and comics, regardless of your age. In the modern era, comics… Read more
chainsaw man review

Chainsaw Man Pilot Review: Does MAPPA’s Latest Heavy-Equipment-Headed Hero Live Up To The Hype?

We finally have the Chainsaw Man movie that everyone has been waiting for! The first episode of the much-anticipated anime is brutal and violent, but it also has some great… Read more
Glass Onion A Knives Out Mystery' Review

Here’s What We Thought Of The Sequel To Knives Out, Glass Onion: A Mystery With A Crisp And A Mischievous Flavor!

What if the billionaire entrepreneur wasn’t a business genius but rather a complete and utter moron who got lucky and rode on the coattails of someone else’s brilliant idea? Knives… Read more
Los Angeles Season 14 Episode 7 Review

Los Angeles Season 14 Episode 7 Review: Defiant Deeks!

Episode 7 of Season 14 of NCIS: Los Angeles made that point abundantly clear.What the heck? An additional case of the week involved genetic weapons, which were only loosely connected… Read more
Drishyam 2 Review

Drishyam 2 Review: The Second Film In Ajay Devgn’s Series Is A Dull But Steady Remake!

Everybody is aware of Vijay Salgaonkar’s previous exploits. He’s back with more of the same, including some potentially incriminating evidence that the police can use to finally catch him. Because… Read more
Breathe Into The Shadows Season 2 review

‘Breathe: Into The Shadows’ 2 Review: Problems From The Past Remain In The Thriller!

Dr. Avinash Sabharwal (Abhishek Bachchan) and his chef wife Abha (Nithya Menen) were introduced to viewers in the first season of Breathe: Into the Shadows. A family drama with thriller… Read more
Don't Worry Darling' Review

Critique Of “Don’t Worry, Darling”: Lackluster Despite Its Star Power!

Even though the talented team behind Don’t Worry Darling may not have gotten the “memo” about their clever title (if the “reported” drama behind the scenes is any indication), everyone… Read more
Wendell & Wild' review

Wendell & Wild’ Review: “Key & Peele Are Back Together For Henry Selick’s Spectacular Stop-Motion Vision”!

The newest film from Henry Selick ranks high not just among their own works but also among the best of the stop-motion genre as a whole. Stop-motion animation has a… Read more
The Good Nurse' Review

Review Of “The Good Nurse” Finds Killer In Tension-Packed Medical Mystery Starring Jessica Chastain!

Given their propensity for the dramatic, it’s interesting to see Jessica Chastain and Eddie Redmayne in a supporting roles in “The Good Nurse,” which premiered at TIFF and will debut… Read more