Thailand Constitution Day

Thailand Constitution Day: An Explanation Of The Holiday’s Significance Is Provided!

The 10th of December is a holiday in Thailand because it is Constitution Day. The significance of this date stems from 1932, a year of great unrest in Siam (the… Read more
National Ambrosia Day

National Ambrosia Day: Will Be Observed On December 12, 2022!

In Greek mythology, ambrosia is the nectar of the gods that gives its consumers superhuman abilities and guarantees them eternal life. It can also refer to an object or experience… Read more
International Universal Health Coverage Day

The Year 2022 Will Mark The International Day Of Universal Health Coverage!

Every year on December 12th, we celebrate Universal Health Coverage Day to urge policymakers to prioritise “Health for All” through more strategic spending and faster progress. In our ideal world,… Read more
Twitch Viewer Rewards During TGA

Viewers Who Tune In To Twitch To Watch The Game Awards Will Be Eligible For Prizes!

The Game Awards 2022 will air live this Thursday, March 21, on Twitch, and viewers who tune in will be eligible for prizes. The Twitch Viewer Rewards program is launching… Read more
american girl doll controversy

American Girl Doll Controversy: Book Getting Backlash

The American Girl Doll has recently come under fire for encouraging children to explore gender transformation. Their most recent book, A Smart Girl’s Guide: Body Image, promotes the same message.… Read more
dominaria remastered release date

Dominaria Remastered: Release Dates And More Information!

Dominaria Remastered is the second installment in the remastered series, and it features some of the most iconic Magic: The Gathering cards from Dominaria’s past. Dominaria Remastered spans 27 sets… Read more
International Mountain Day 1

International Mountain Day 2022: Learn The Role Of Time, Background, And Importance, As Well As Other Facts!

Every year on December 11th, we celebrate International Mountain Day to call attention to the vital role that mountains play in our daily lives and in the health of our… Read more
Worldwide Candle Lighting Day

Worldwide Candle Lighting Day 2022: Quotes, Greetings, Best Wishes, And  More Info!

Lighting a candle is a time-honoured tradition that symbolises remembrance and reverence for the dead. This touching act demonstrates that even after death, a person’s legacy lives on in the… Read more
santa claus real name

What Is Santa’s Real Name – Which Name Do You Prefer For Santa Claus, Father Christmas, Kris Kringle, Or St. Nicholas?

The most exciting part of Christmas for many American children, especially those who have been good all year, is opening presents under the tree and finding treats in their stockings… Read more
Amy Robach & T.J. Holmes Out From GMA

What Happened To Amy Robach: Got Out From GMA?

Viewers of Good Morning America have been curious about Amy Robach and TJ Holmes’ whereabouts after hearing that they had been removed from the programme. Along with hosts including Cecilia… Read more