Twitter alternative Hive

“What Is Hive Social?” A Tutorial On How To Use The Algorithm-Free Twitter-Like Platform!

There are several advantages to switching from Twitter to Hive Social or another social network. There has been a lot of chaos in the social media world since Elon Musk… Read more
Alpha of Generative AI Copywriting Tool

Notion’s Generic AI-Powered Copywriting Tool Is Now Available In Alpha!

Notion AI, a generative AI system, has been released in private alpha by the makers of the popular note-taking and database app today. The new features can be used to… Read more
NASA tries again to launch its Artemis I moon mission

Mission Status Report For The Artemis I Moon Crater Sample Return From NASA!

11:15 am ET Saturday’s planned launch of Artemis I has been canceled by NASA. A leak in the 8-inch hydrogen inlet to the Space Launch System rocket could not be… Read more
New Products and Technologies to Help You Quit Smoking

New Products and Technologies to Help You Quit Smoking

Technology has come a long way. In the early 2000s, people invented electronic cigarettes as an alternative to regular smoking. In a 2021 survey from the CDC, 4.7% adults were… Read more
microsoft phone link

Connect Your Phone To Computer Using WWW.AKA.MS.YOURPC

Because everyone has their own unique collection of electronic gadgets, it can be challenging to keep track of everything and synchronise all of your files so that they are easily… Read more
ipad dead fixed

iPad Will Not Turn On? How To Fix A Dead Device?

You push the power button (the button that toggles between sleep and wake mode) on your iPad, but nothing occurs. There is not an Apple logo anywhere. Your display will… Read more
icloud and icloud drive

iCloud And iCloud Drive: Are They Different From Each Other?

iCloud is comprised of many different components, such as Family Sharing, Backups, Keychain, and the rest of them. It is difficult to get your head around everything that is going… Read more
iphone yellow battery fixed

iPhone Battery Icon Showing Yellow: Reasons, Effects & Fix

Have you noticed that the colour of the battery indicator on the home screen of your iPhone has changed to yellow instead of the typical colour? There is a simple… Read more
photo transfer issue fixed

What To Do If You Can’t Transfer Photos From iPhone To PC?

Are you finding it difficult to deal with the fact that your iPhone images won’t import? It can be really stressful to continually attempt to move photographs when you are… Read more
photo widget customize

How To Customize The Photos Widget In iOS 14? Easy Way

Apple has, for an indeterminate amount of time, maintained a mostly unchanged Home Screen on the iPhone. It has been this way for much too much time, and it appears… Read more