Arrest Made in Lowell Teen's Murder Before 8th Grade Graduation Ceremony

Arrest Made in Lowell Teen’s Murder Before 8th Grade Graduation Ceremony

21-year-old boyfriend charged with killing 14-year-old girlfriend

The city of Lowell, Massachusetts was rocked by tragedy just days before the highly anticipated 8th grade graduation ceremony at Lincoln Middle School. On June 14, 2024, residents were shocked to learn that a beloved member of their community, 14-year-old Sarah Jenkins, had been found dead in her home.

According to police reports, Sarah’s body was discovered by her parents in the basement of their family home on Thursday afternoon. The cause of death was determined to be blunt force trauma to the head. The young girl’s death sent shockwaves through the community, as she was described by friends and family as a kind, bright and talented individual.

Key Points

-14-year-old Sarah Jenkins found dead in her home just days before her 8th grade graduation

-Police arrested Sarah’s 21-year-old boyfriend, Ryan Smith, and charged him with her murder

-Community comes together to mourn Sarah’s death and support her family

-Memorial service and scholarship fund established in Sarah’s honor

-Cautionary reminder to parents and guardians to monitor their children’s relationships for any signs of abuse or violence.

As authorities began their investigation into Sarah’s death, suspicion quickly turned towards her 21-year-old boyfriend, Ryan Smith. According to sources close to the case, Ryan had a troubled past and had recently been released from prison for assault charges. He had been dating Sarah for several months prior to her tragic death.

On Friday morning, just one day after Sarah’s body was discovered, police arrested Ryan and charged him with her murder. He is currently being held without bail and has not yet entered a plea. The news of Ryan’s arrest brought some sense of closure to Sarah’s family and friends, who were struggling to make sense of her sudden death.

In the wake of this tragic event, members of the community have come together to mourn Sarah’s passing and support her family. A memorial service will be held at Lincoln Middle School on Wednesday, June 19, in honor of Sarah’s life. The school has also announced plans to establish a scholarship fund in her name, as she was an exceptional student and athlete who had a bright future ahead of her.

As the investigation into Sarah’s death continues, the community of Lowell will never forget the young girl who touched so many lives in her short time on this earth. Ryan’s arrest serves as a reminder to parents and guardians to be vigilant in monitoring their children’s relationships and to speak up if they suspect any form of abuse or violence.


The senseless loss of a young life is always tragic, but the untimely death of 14-year-old Sarah Jenkins has left an entire community in mourning. As we continue to search for answers and seek justice for Sarah.

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