LA Socialite Sentenced to 15 Years to Life for Killing Two Boys in High-Speed Race with Lover

LA Socialite Sentenced to 15 Years to Life for Killing Two Boys in High-Speed Race with Lover

A tragic car crash on the streets of Los Angeles has resulted in a socialite being sentenced to 15 years to life in prison. The incident, took the lives of two young boys and left their families devastated.

The driver responsible for the fatal accident was identified as Rebecca Grossman, a wealthy and well-known figure in LA’s elite circles. Grossman’s lover, who was driving alongside her at high speeds, managed to escape unharmed.

According to reports, Grossman and her lover were racing each other in their luxury vehicles when she lost control of her car. The high-speed race took place on a quiet street in Westlake Village, where the boys were walking with their family.

The 57-year-old socialite struck both boys with her car, causing them fatal injuries. She then fled the scene without stopping to render aid or call for help. One of the boys died at the scene while the other succumbed to his injuries later at the hospital.

Grossman was arrested soon after and charged with two counts of murder, vehicular manslaughter, and hit-and-run resulting in death. During her trial, she pleaded not guilty and claimed the accident was a result of her lover losing control of his car.

However, security camera footage from the area showed Grossman racing alongside her lover and passing him at high speeds just moments before the crash occurred. This evidence, along with witness testimonies, led to Grossman being found guilty on all charges.

At her sentencing hearing, Grossman begged the judge for leniency and a lighter sentence. However, Judge Kevin DeNoce handed down a 15 years to life sentence citing Grossman’s reckless actions that resulted in the tragic loss of two young lives.

He also highlighted her lack of remorse and attempts to shift the blame onto her lover.

The families of the two boys were present in court and shared emotional victim impact statements, expressing their pain and grief over losing their beloved children. The sentencing has brought some closure to the families, but they remain heartbroken at the senseless loss caused by Grossman’s reckless behavior.

This tragic incident serves as a reminder that no one is above the law, regardless of their social status or wealth. It also highlights the dangers of street racing and irresponsible driving, which can have devastating consequences for innocent bystanders.

Our thoughts go out to the families of the two boys as they continue to grieve and seek justice for their loss.

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